About Lazir Complex:

LAZIR Farming and Industrial Holding consists of two companies named: PISHGAMAN-E-LAZIR-E TABARESTAN and LAZIR SABZ-E YARAN AGRICULTURAL & INDUSTRIAL  Co. has been active in Lazir Complex located in Mahmudabad, Mazandaran since 2007, in the field of providing food products such as various species of sturgeon, warm water & cold water fish, fish cage culture in the Caspian Sea and caviar production.

In addition to the mentioned activities by having in its possession other facilities such as aquaculture factories, production of various types of greenhouse fruits such as Persian lime, limequat lemon and Mazandaran native medlar fruit (Mespilus germanica), as well as raising cattle and sheep, has been able to expand its activities to produce more food products and other consumer needs.

Our Vision:

The vision of Lazir for the next  years is as follows:

– Lazir Holding intends to expand its activities in production of food, in particular the production of aquatic and caviar as one of the largest aquaculture producers in the Middle East, and to become the world-famous brand by producing the highest quality products, and by exporting fish and caviar.

– By expanding the activity and surface area of ​​the fields, the total production in concrete ponds and cage farming in the Caspian Sea, will be increased as follows:

  • Caviar to 1500 kg annually (from 2020)
  • Sturgeon meat to 50 tons (annually)
  • Trout cultured in the Caspian Sea cages to 400 tons (annually)
  • Salmon meat that is cultured in the Caspian Sea cages to 50 tons (annually)
  • Common Carp meat that is cultured in the Caspian Sea cages to 50 tons (annually)
  • Other warm water fish production to 25 tons (annually)
  • Greenhouse citrus (limequat & Persian lime) to 50 tons (annually)

– With the expansion of food-producing factories and having a long-term plan, we will take an effective step towards satisfying our shareholders, personnel and customers. It is worth noting that in this regard, there will be 200 direct employments and a large number of indirect employments.

Our Mission:

Lazir Holding is proud with over 12 years of invaluable experience in Iran`s fisheries and aquaculture industry with producing the best and highest quality fish meat products and related food products, while at the same time meeting the consumer needs with affordable prices for health and nutrition in mind has taken a positive step for the Iranian society.

-Lazir Holding, in order to preserve the integrity of Iranian caviar and in the fight against smuggling of sturgeon species and in preservation of this rare and endangered species, taking into account the existing sensitivities associated with the breeding of these species and in the direction of entrepreneurship and in close coordination with the Iranian Fisheries Organization and the CITES, and with the help of its senior experts, has launched a large collection of sites at the  Lazir Complex, is now able to produce high quality caviar, different spices of sturgeon, cold-water fish and warm-water fish meat, salmon meat, carp also in the Caspian Sea cages annually, and therefore has been able to take an effective step towards production, and to be recognized as the best producer in the city of Mahmudabad.