Recently, in Iran, special attention has been paid to sturgeon farming as a lucrative activity, although it is very difficult and time consuming. Sturgeon are long-lived, late-maturing fish that can spawn several times. The biological cycle in nature is somewhat dependent on the age of puberty and environmental conditions such as the existence of a suitable place for spawning, water temperature, proper nutrition and non-pollution and.. In farms, many of the above characters are under the control and planning of farms. Raising these fish requires significant capital, knowledge and skills, taking into account the appropriate spatial conditions and the necessary equipment (pumps, UV sterilization units, oxygen injection units, mechanical and biological filters, aeration equipment, heaters, fish tanks, etc.) and Experienced staff as well as a lot of patience.
Patience because part of the result of the investment and efforts of breeders, which is the extraction of caviar from this type of fish, lasts for 7 to 14 years.


Lazir Agro-industry Complex, considering the existing sensitivities related to the breeding of this species and in the direction of resistance economy, production and entrepreneurship, in close coordination with the esteemed officials of the Fisheries Organization of Iran, especially the General Directorate of Fisheries of Mazandaran Province, by constructing and launching a fish breeding complex. Annually, sturgeon breeds 50 tons of meat and 1,200 kilos of caviar. Significantly, it creates and maintains a significant number of direct and indirect employment.