Export and Import

Marketing is an important and fundamental issue that should be one included as one of the main functions of a manufacturer. Supplying a manufacturer’s products to the target markets, both domestic and foreign, is one of the most important and sensitive issues of production.

Manufacturers whose products must necessarily be exported abroad are more important. Exports in addition to being important for both the producer and the trader, both because of the high level of exports of non-oil goods and for the country’s export value have a considerable importance for the country.

Given that the products of the Lazir Agro-Industrial Complex are sturgeon, caviar and other species such as warm water fish and trout and red meat as well as fruits, the target market of these products in addition to the domestic markets is also the European countries, Russia, Canada, Japan, USA and Arab countries, and so the executives of our complex must export their products, including caviar and sturgeon, to the target countries and, where necessary, import the needed and related goods; therefore, export and import are of great importance and are at the top of the plans of our executives in this complex.

Breeding and Maintenance

Nowadays, some individuals of practical and legal standing in the field of production, for the sake of avoiding dispersion and saving costs and for lack of sufficient expertise, outsource part of their production activities to their respective complexes and use services of those centers. For example, these might include services in the filleting, segmentation and packaging, butchery, cold storage, fish farming and etc.

One of the active parts of the Lazir Complex is the services and activities in the field of fish breeding for various fish and calf raising.

For the past few years, Lazir Complex executives by signing contracts with individuals have started farming several types of sturgeon, including pre-spawner, culturing, and warm water fish farming and also raising calf and by providing services for breeding and raising, they have both engaged in better production and provided for an acceptable level of employment opportunities.

Also considering the fact that the lazir Complex has ultrasonic and laboratory equipment, we plan to offer other services such as sex determination of sturgeon and expert analysis in fish breeding centers and farms in different parts of the country and even abroad.