Fillet Cutting, Sorting, Sizing, Processing and Packaging of Fish and Aquatic Helal Meat

Nutrition is the basis for human survival. To provide healthy nutritional conditions there are several factors that can be used to produce raw materials for food processing and how to use them properly can be addressed.

Tastes and needs of the population and the need to review the target society sends this message that first it should satisfy part of people’s needs and their food products, and second while activating production halls and plants and facilities that are planned for this purpose and may not have yet been optimized to their maximum production capacity, with the launch of fillet factory packing, sorting and packing of fish it is indeed possible to create jobs and at the same time take responsibility of providing food products for the consumers. In this way, for maintaining proteins, fats, and minerals of the meat, and with the help of the packing industry, access to protein products with good quality and standards that are delivered to consumers is also possible.

Moreover, given that the production of proteins such as fish caught and delivered to market at specific times during the year, and that in some instances all of the assets of the producer is purchased on discounted pricing, thus, for the economic production of all types of fish, it is necessary some incentives are considered and put in place so that by managing the product delivery they have a manufacturing which has economic feasibility.

Fish is considered one of the most easily spoiled foods and it rots much faster than the meat from cattle. The high water content, high levels of free amino acids, less connective tissues, more amounts of unsaturated fatty acids, changes in the proteins, and fat, and enzyme activities, are mostly the cause of faster decay in fish meat compared to other meat dishes. If immediately after the capture and death of the fish and marine animals’ proper maintenance is not taken due to rapid biochemical and enzymatic changes in muscles and microbial activity decomposition occurs and decay spreads quickly.

One of the factors that could prevent the growth of bacteria which cause decay and stop increase in the microbial load and reduce chemical changes including oxidation of fats is proper seafood product packaging.

Packaging is responsible for product protection against malicious and corrupting agents such as microbial, biological, chemical and physical agents, and increases product shelf life and maintains its quality. In addition, packaging plays an essential role in product sales, and attracting customers, and communicating with the consumers, and in ease of storage, transportation, and distribution.

 Packaging helps consumers make informed purchases so that the quantity of packaging and product content, nutritional value, maximum storage time and the best method of use is in their reach.

Packaging makes it easy to use a product. In today’s modern lifestyles the number of women who work has increased, mealtime has become shorter and many other fundamental changes have occurred in the quantity and quality in general. Life on the go and on fast track has created a need for foods ready for consumption and therefore has created a wide variety of packaging options. Package allows us to make better and more use of our free. The use of readymade food saves a lot of time. Also, with higher technology packaging a small percentage of food is thrown away. Thus, by using the processing industry, and packaging of fish fillets, it’s possible to prepare the path for a more healthy and cured products, and at the same time pave the way for a production which is more economical for manufacturers; and by selling products directly to the private sector and create both raw and cooked proprietary stores and accepting wholesale dealers for capillary distribution in supermarkets and trade unions and the preparation of the food supply, factories, universities, hospitals and other centers engage in planning and marketing.

Given that on Lazir Agro-Industrial Complex all types of sturgeons, cold-water and warm water fishes and caviar are produced and presented the executives have decided by starting a unit of processing, fillet packing, piece packing and packaging of various types of sturgeons, cold water and warm-water fishes and permitted aquatic meat, and Helal meat, and processing and packaging caviar which is also produced in the complex and even others products, take an effective step towards above goals so that as a result of this continuing journey healthy and ready to consume food is brought to consumer tables everywhere and by exporting these products specially caviar products intended for targeted countries, while bringing in foreign currency, create more jobs for a noticeable number of workforce employees.