Framed Fish Trout

There are several types of trout from which we can point to, Rainbow trout, Speckled trout, Red Speckled trout and Caspian Sea farmed trout, and out of this selection Speckled trout is the finest and rarest and the Rainbow trout the best-selling.

Rainbow trout for its better adaptation to the environment and the desire to be tame and getting used to being hand fed And less sensitivity to temperature and water quality, is the most appropriate fish for cold-water fish breeding and is the most fundamental type of free water fish for farming intended as a food supply for the people in the world.

In various studies in laboratories, it has been confirmed that they contain vitamins A, B, D (113 g cooked trout, contains about 100% of vitamin D recommended daily), protein (18 to 20 g per 100 g) Minerals (iron, phosphorus, calcium), micronutrients (zinc, copper, iodine, selenium) and abundant omega 3 and omega 6 and 9 to the extent that the omega-3 trout fish has been interpreted the omega 3 bomb! Salmon which is a fish from the trout family has the highest amount of omega-3, meaning in each count of this fish there is about 15/1 grams of omega-3.

۸۴ g Salmon has 1.1- 9.1 grams of omega-3 fatty acids, which are mentioned below:

Benefits of Omega 3 in trout fish

Omega-3 fatty acids and amino acids found in trout help in lowering the cholesterol, increasing the flexibility of the arteries,  strengthening of heart muscles, and repairing of vascular tissues.

This food source rich in omega-3 fatty acids has a very important role in brain function. The Omega-3 in trout can adjust blood pressure and heart beat epilepsy patients and significantly reduce the number of attacks in these patients.

Omega-3 fats and amino acids in this nutrient can also help in preventing macular degeneration, blindness, eye fatigue, and dryness.

In addition to the points mentioned above the fatty acids have an important role in reducing fatigue, muscle aches, dry and itchy skin, headaches, insomnia, brittle hair and nails, hyperactivity and lack of concentration, migraine headaches, multiple sclerosis and high blood pressure, and the pain associated with rheumatoid arthritis, asthma and other inflammation, and in boosting the immune system… and in pregnant women through increased blood flow to the fetus, causing brain development and increased IQ of the child.

Trout is rich in protein

The meat of this fish as a source rich in protein is easily digested and absorbed in the gastrointestinal tract and its “Zinc” element has great influence in the development of children and adolescents in the regulation of sexual maturity and its use during the growth period prevents shortness of height. The best example of this is the correction of diet amongst Japanese people which has led to growing taller and improving the quality of their skin and their health.

Supplying body with iron by eating trout

Trout is a source of valuable iron, and iron in hematopoiesis as well as in maintaining the body’s resistance to germs plays an important role. The Iron in trout is such that its absorption in the gastrointestinal tract is easy and is consumed well in the body.

In addition, the iron in trout also increases absorption of iron from the vegetable sources therefore it has an important role in the prevention of iron deficiency due to anemia.

Women, especially during pregnancy and menstruation, and children, are more at risk for iron deficiency. Since often, enough iron is not stored in the body. With a sufficient amount of trout consumption one can prevent complications of iron deficiency.

Trout, a good source of vitamin B

Trout contains significant amounts of B vitamins which is influential in regulating the activity of nerve cells and thus affecting the healthiness of the nervous system and skin. Also, some types of B vitamins in the blood are influential in making of red blood cells, therefore by trout consumption we can improve neural health, vitality, freshness of the skin, and help prevent anemia.       

Regulating blood sugar by eating trout

Salmon is a good source of selenium, omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin D, all three of which regulate insulin levels in the body.

Prevention of cancer by eating Tout

Research results indicate Trout reduces the chance of developing cancer (particularly prostate cancer in men and breast cancer in women) to one third.

Today, all over the world and in Iran, Rainbow Trout is farmed in different conditions and in different ways. Traditional breeding and breeding in the river runs, half concentrated breeding, half close captioned and close captioned, and breeding in installed cages in the sea, are various fish farming methods.

Executives in Lazir agro-industrial complex have started the construction of octagonal, and close captioned pools for cold water fish. In this farm over 120 tons of cold-water fish is produced annually and offered to domestic and foreign markets.