Warm Water Fishes

Warm-water fish are other types of fish grown in the Lazir Agro-Industrial Complex. These are members of the family Cyprinidae; they are bony fish that live predominantly in freshwater.
The first Chinese carp imported to Iran was the herbivor fish, scientifically named Ctenopharyngodon idella, purchased from the Soviet Union in 1966 by Iranian Fisheries to combat the unbalanced growth of Anzali marsh plants.
The most important breeding species of Chinese carp in Iran are herbivorous or white amur fish, silver carp, and bighead carp, and common carp which is also added to this group for polyculture farming.

lazirco Grass Carp

Due to their high nutritional value and relatively low price, it is possible to raise these fish in the food basket of domestic use in order to provide at least two healthy meals of fish per week in the diet of different segments of society.
In this regard, it has been around 20 years that breeding of warm water fishes including white amur, common carp, silver carp, bighead and sea carp has been started in the Lazir Agro-Industry Complex and 20 tons of warm water fish meat is marketed annually. In fact, by launching warm-water ponds, we have set up a significant number of direct and indirect jobs in the country, while providing healthy food for our dear citizens, and considering the negotiations that have been undertaken with producers and consumers in neighboring countries like In Iraq and Azerbaijan, we are exporting all kinds of infant amur, carp and farmed carp to the target countries.
One of the things that can be of great concern today is the inappropriate unhealthy nutritional standards of some breeding farms. Therefore, a standard and hygienic nutrition can guarantee the healthy standard of the meat of these fishes and this has an important impact on the overall health and hygiene of the consumers.
Fillet cutting, packing and processing of these fish can be beneficial to the health, better supply and faster consumption of households. From the outset, we have committed ourselves to serving people with a fully hygienic and standard feed that guarantees fish health, even though the per capita profit of this farm is less profitable we prefer a better service to our citizens at Lazir Agro-Industrial Complex.